Monday, June 13, 2016

This has always been one of my favourite photos of my son. These are his last precious days as a 4 year old.

It is a time before words like 'autism' and 'IEP' and behavioural modification' entered our lives. It would be six more months before we had answers and a new journey.

But here, at this moment, we are winding down his first year of school. We are sighing with relief that melt downs and battles of will and phone calls from the principal are coming to an end, at least for a few weeks. We are sighing with gratitude for the amazing teachers and staff who have supported and encouraged us this past 10 months.

It is a moment when life paused and joy entered in. It is hot. It is sunny. We are safe in our little home with our family. It is the first day for the sprinkler. He is wet and happy and eating cherries on the porch. This is a moment of pure childhood innocence, filled with warm breezes, skinned knees, laughing children and a contented mama.

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