Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Birthday!

I originally wrote this Facebook post two years ago.  Today my 'little' man is turning 12!  As I re-read these words this morning I realize that they have only become more true with the passing of time...Happy birthday baby boy!

Ten years ago today I became a mother. Ten years. So much has happened in a decade. It has been an amazing journey. My son has taught me so much about myself, about what's important in life, about the kind of parent and role model I want to be and about the true meaning of success and happiness and he has redefined the meaning of a life worth living.

So much of that day ten years ago is beginning to blur with the passage of time. Yet there is one moment that still stands... out in perfect clarity, not dulled by the years but always in perfect focus. My husband brought our new baby to me and laid him on my chest. I looked down, he looked up, and our eyes met for the first time, grey meeting the deepest blue. And I was lost, my heart hopelessly entangled with this precious little life I had helped to create, staring up at me as if he knew me, had known for me a thousand years, looking at me as if he had just found his way home.

The world defines my son as a 'special needs' kid. For us, he's just special. Full of laughter and fun. Smart. And since he's now 10, smart-a$$ sometimes, too. His unique needs give him a unique perspective on the world, one that we are privileged to share and learn from. He loves deeply, feels deeply, hurts deeply and laughs from the very bottom of his soul. He is an amazing big brother, a good friend and a polite and courteous member of our community. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.

I cannot image what the next ten years will bring (parents of teenagers please don't tell me...I'm not ready to know yet!) But I do know that I have no regrets about becoming a parent. I do know that nothing could have prepared me for the life altering changes children have brought to my life. And I know that nothing could every replace the love, joy, hope and blessing they continue to pour into our family.
I thank God each and every day for this little man who has graced our home and our lives for the past 10 years. I pray that I will live up to the great responsibility of being his mother. God is great, the works of his hand are wonderfully and fearfully made. My son is the living proof. Praise be to God. 

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