Thursday, June 16, 2016

Redeeming Father's Day.

Father's Day is coming up this weekend...there are always mixed emotions for me. My dad died in 2000.  I miss him. I was always 'daddy's little girl'. We had a very close and special relationship. But I cannot let time, sentimentalism and wishful thinking allow me to make him into something he wasn't.

He was a difficult man. He had demons that he never conquered in this life. And his struggles impacted my life in ways that still resonate and cause ripples. The word father brings up feelings in me that are complex and conflicting.

However, I also know that my father came to know God, or I should say became reacquainted with God, in his final days and I find such peace and joy in picturing my father, such a wounded man in this life, whole and healed and restored, face to face with the living God. I take great comfort in knowing that we will meet again, and when we do, all those worldly problems will no longer come between us.

Father's Day also has another meaning for me because  I share my life with a man who is the father of MY children. And I am overwhelmed by the blessings he has brought not just to my life, but to that of our children.

Our children have a father who not only loves them to pieces, but respects them. They have a father who will not only gives them everything he can, but also teaches them to do for themselves.  He has been, is and I know will continue to be, a fine example for our children.

He is teaching our son what it means to be a man in this world. He is also teaching our daughter.

They will both grow up knowing that men can be strong without being dominant, filled with faith without being judgemental, committed and loyal without being a doormat. He is teaching them what it means to be loved in healthy and renewing ways.

This incredible man I married takes parenting so seriously. He considers it the most important job he will ever do. And yet, he brings such a sense of fun and silliness to our lives. He teaches us how to laugh at ourselves. He finds the ridiculous in the mundane. He takes us on a journey of laughter and joy that makes even the tough times bearable. His irreverent sense of humour is, I believe, one of God's great blessings to our family.

I am blessed beyond measure to share the job of 'parent' with this incredible man who has redeemed the role of 'father' for me in so many ways. I love you pieces, my beloved husband.

Happy Father's Day.

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