Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sometimes, it's just easier to things yourself. Sometimes, it's just faster, cleaner, more efficient. My mother was a do-it-yourselfer. Of course, this is how I ended up 22 years old with no idea how to cook a whole meal.
So, last night I was making a last minute stir fry and needed someone to stir while I chopped. Usually, that's my husband. Last night, I asked my son. And as he stirred the veggies in the pan I explained why I chop the carrots on an angle. I explained how to crush and dice garlic. I talked about which veggies take longer to cook and what order to put them into the pan. We talked spices. He was with me for about 10 minutes. He stirred and added salt and pepper and he listened.
Sometimes, it's just easier to do things yourself. But sometimes, we need to be the mentor, the teacher, the conduit of experience and knowledge. That kid was so proud to eat the dinner he helped make! And, I hope, he learned some things that will help him not starve down the road!

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