Friday, August 19, 2016

Childhood's fleeting joys.

I wrote this two years ago.  It becomes more true every day as time seems to accelerate and my children seem to grow exponentially. 

I am sitting here drinking my coffee wondering how it is that there are only ten days left of summer vacation. It has been a magical time of splash pads, wading pools, play dates, video games, books, cuddles, laughter and love.

I am going to miss my ragamuffin duo when they head off to school. Each year becomes more bittersweet. Next summer they will be older, more mature. Already my son has grown beyond the wading pool and McDonald's playland.

I wonder what "lasts" I have... experienced this summer without realizing it. I wonder when the excitement of playing at the park with mom will fade. I wonder when the magic will end.

Childhood is such a fleeting joy. One that we spend the rest of our lives trying to reclaim. I want my children to reflect back and know that I did my best to ensure every moment was filled with innocence, love, hugs and laughter. I want the sun and sand and warm breezes, the scraped knees and muddy rain boots of childhood to be the solid basis of a happy and fulfilling life.

And I want to savour these last few days with my children, cherishing who they are now and looking forward with anticipation to what they will become.

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