Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A second childhood.

The kids are bathed and in bed, stories have been read, teeth have been brushed. It is officially over, this summer respite, this season of rest. Summer vacation becomes sweeter each year as I watch them grow and change and grow away, these wild and wonderful children of mine.

Each year they are less 'mine' and I see more of the world in them. Each summer seems more bittersweet as I wait for the day when they choose friends and bikes and games at the park over lazy afternoons at the beach with mom.

As I count freckles on my baby girl's face, I count moments of joy spent in the sun. As I run my finger across the brown cheek of my big boy, I feel the breeze of quiet days spent talking under the trees.

Today, as I put away water guns and bubbles and Frisbees in favour of backpacks and lunchboxes and new shoes, I walked through fields of memory, reliving smiles and giggles, games of boggle and cuddles and long mornings spent in pajamas.

This journey of childhood is magical. And we are so blessed to travel this road twice, once in our own time, and again as we guide our children down this sylvan road. I pray that I will always remember to cherish the moments and that I will prove to be an honest and faithful navigator for these little explorers of mine.

Adulthood is coming, too fast, but for this time, in this moment, I will sneak up the stairs and gaze in wonder at the sleeping miracles dreaming, safe in their beds.

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